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    Dr. A. Breeze Harper

    Coming March 18, 2017 – Uprooting White Fragility in the Ethical Foodscape    

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    It is our mission to feed our members and our community with delicious whole-knowledge that will awaken them consciously, spiritually, and wholistically. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and share among your networks. See our YouTube Channel!

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    Professor Spira

    Mucusless Diet Healing System

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    In Loving Memory, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing March 18th 1935-January 2nd 2016 AABH is proud to have had such a powerful Queen speak to us in July. Her dedication to the restoration of African American communities will always be… Read More

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    Nubia Sutton

    Ancient Divine Feminine Secrets For The Modern Sistah

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    Dr. Phil Valentine

    20th Anniversary Wholistic Conference 2016:Ancient Wisdom for a Wholistic Revolution

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    Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

    20th Anniversary Wholistic Conference 2016:Ancient Wisdom for a Wholistic Revolution

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    Taj Tarik Bey

    Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

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    Dr. Joy Degruy

    Revealing the Untruths

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    Lenon Honor

    How to Have Positive Relationships

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    Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing

    Revealing the Untruths

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    Ras Ben

    The Impact of the Earth’s Ley Lines on Humans

2016 Wholistic Health Conference

Ancient Wisdom for a Wholistic Revolution

The mission of African Americans for Balanced Health is to host seminars and conferences which provide education to the community relative to improving eating and thinking habits for the purpose of preventing and minimizing/eliminating the symptoms of many diseases. The 2016 Wholistic Health Conference is an uplifting day of knowledge and inspiration from two highly esteemed dynamic speakers. From amazing spoken word artists to delicious healthy food, the wholistic revolution starts here. See you at the conference!  Learn More

raw pad thai

Raw Pad Thai and Spiralo Love

Pad Thai Makes 2 – 3 servings. 3/4 cup raw almond butter 1/2 cup orange juice (freshly juiced!) 1 T minced fresh ginger 1 T nama shoyu (soy sauce) 1 T miso (optional) 1 t minced garlic 2… Read More

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Vegan Chipotle Asparagus Quesadillas

Canned chipotles in adobo sauce lend mellow, smoky heat to quesadillas. Leftover chipotles (there are usually four or five in a can) can be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen for future use. Quesadillas 1 lb. asparagus, trimmed… Read More

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Raw Oatmeal Recipe

Whether you are following a raw diet or simply enjoy the nutty taste of raw oats, you might be inclined to eat your oats straight from the package. Here’s an simple tasty way to increase raw food intake…. Read More

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